Listen Up, Ladies: 5 Must-Know Auto Maintenance Tips for Women – Nicholasville, KY

Here’s one just for the girls! Throw on that old-school jam, “Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves,” and get empowered to start owning your ride in more ways than one. You’re one step away from becoming a certified car queen with these five must-know auto maintenance tips for women:

Read the Handy-Dandy Owner’s Manual


It’s not going to be as riveting as Gillian Flynn’s page-turner of the moment, Gone Girl. And it’s not the type of book you’ll take on a tropical vacation to read by the pool while sipping festive, fruit and umbrella-adorned coladas. Your four-wheeled friend is an extremely complicated machine that requires proper care at proper intervals, and your knowledge of those factors is crucial in extending its quality of life throughout your ownership. And for new Hyundai owners, it doesn’t hurt to know the 4-1-1 on setting up your vehicle’s fancy-schmancy tech features, either. Don’t let that Bluetooth hands-free phone system go to waste, girl!

Take Your Ride in for Routine Oil Changes and Tire Rotations


If you didn’t already know your whip needs its go-go juice on the reg, you might want to go back to basics and get your nose buried deep in that owner’s manual. Most new vehicles (including the entire 2015 Hyundai lineup) are equipped with a monitor that alerts you when it’s time to let your ride soak up some fresh, new oil, but guidelines suggest getting it changed after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles driven. It’s also wise to consider having your tires rotated while you’re having your oil changed, too, as it prevents uneven wear. (Hint: Hyundai of Nicholasville has a top-notch service department that’s got some incredibly knowledgeable wizards who’d be pleased to change your oil and rotate your tires at your convenience.)

Monitor and Maintain the Tire Air Pressure


Any telephone conversation with my dad is not complete without this question: “HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR TIRE PRESSURE LATELY?” What in the name of all that is holy is so unbelievably important about my tire pressure that I must be asked on such a frequent basis? I mean, there are helpless animals in shelters in need of loving families and forever homes, children in third-world countries who are starving, and brave men and women sacrificing their lives overseas to fight for our nation’s liberty and safety! Who cares about tire pressure?!

As menial and insignificant as it may seem, frequent monitoring and maintenance are quite important. Here are a few facts may just convince you to start using that mysterious looking tool known as a tire pressure gauge:

  • Underinflation is the leading cause of flat tires or other types of tire failure
  • Underinflation creates internal heat within the tire, which can cause a blowout
  • Underinflation decreases fuel economy by as much as 10 percent

Recognize the Meaning of Warning Lights


The way I feel about my car’s dashboard is probably the same way my fiancé feels about my makeup bag. He doesn’t understand the significance of the frightening contraption known as an eyelash curler, and I don’t understand all those little nondescript symbols that often suddenly announce their presence on my dashboard by glowing like a neon rave party stick. If you read your owner’s manual like I recommended above, you’ll be able to discern exactly what the check engine light is trying to tell you and if it’s an urgent issue. (Note to self: Read my owner’s manual again.)

Regularly Check Key Fluids


Just as you and I keep our bodies hydrated with high-quality H2O (and healthy green juices, robust red wines and mimosas, of course), your swagger wagon needs its vital fluids, too. Aside from the engine oil, also keep an eye on your radiator coolant, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid in accordance with – surprise! – your owner’s manual’s recommended levels. If your ride is a little thirsty and does, indeed, need a drink, the service team at Hyundai of Nicholasville can mix up the perfect cocktail to get you back on the road in a jiffy.


Ladies, I was just scratching the surface there. But, considering I have long and sharp nails, I’m sure I could dig a whole lot deeper into female-friendly automotive tips if you’d like to see more. Let me and the folks at Hyundai of Nicholasville know if this gets a thumbs-up by subscribing to our blog or simply dropping us a note! (Then go read your owner’s manual. Right now.)