Another Reason to Carry Disinfectant: The 5 Dirtiest Spots In Your Car – Nicholasville, KY

There’s a statistic floating around that claims we spend an average of three years of our life in a car. Three years! That’s a lot of commuting, a lot of spilled coffee, road trips snacks, sweaty gym socks, and spilled groceries. In short: A lot of messy and germy-type bacteria floating around in there! This isn’t surprising, considering that 25 percent of us eat in our cars at least once a week.  Also not surprising is that fact that this same 25 percent admit their car is littered with food wrappers and empty drink bottles and cans. Many of us wouldn’t let our homes get as filthy as the interior of our cars. If you think you’re car’s a tiny bit out of control and you’re in the spring cleaning spirit, I’ve put together this list of the five dirtiest spots in your car that you should really think about hitting with a good sanitizer:

Steering Wheel

Hands are the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading germs. They touch everything, all the time. When you consider that 98% of your time in the car is spent with your hands on the wheel, it becomes clear that it’s just a big petri dish.


This is where everything settles. All those cough, sneezes, and dust from the outside make your dashboard home. That 25% of people who eat in their car? They probably use the dashboard as a dining table. Grab some sanitizing wipes and wipe that surface down, STAT!

Door Handles

Another ‘high-touch’ area of your car. Door handles get it the worst because you’re coming from outside, maybe gripping your coffee and morning bagel in on hand, and boom. Instant food and dirt germ trap.

Car Seats

If you have kids in a car seat, you also have a germ colony living in your backseat. Food, dirt, dirty diapers…you get the idea. It’s a good idea to pull the car seat out at least once a week to wash the covers and wipe it down.


This is a surprising one. But, when tests were run, bacterial traces of excrement were found in most of the trunks tested. Um. GROSS. Most of us use our trunks as catch-alls for everything from gym clothes to trash. Let’s clean up our acts, shall we?


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