Having a Car at the University of Kentucky: Good, Bad and the In-Between – Nicholasville, KY

If you’re gearing up to attend the University of Kentucky, congratulations! If you plan on taking your car with you, good luck and happy trails! Parking at a big university is akin to finding parking at the mall during Christmas. Not easy, not fun, and sometimes expensive. The good people at Glenn Hyundai of Nicholasville want you to research the University’s Parking and Transportation page carefully before heading out in your new 2015 Hyundai Accent in Lexington. No way do you want to risk getting towed!

When I went to college, I took my trusty car along. This was mostly because I was an art student, and who bikes around hauling a canvas?! But it got a little difficult some semesters. I got through it with the least amount of pain and you can, too, if you’re planning on having a car at the University of Kentucky:

Research the Layout

Schools ALWAYS have maps of where available student parking is located. Once you know where your classes are located, make sure that you know how close each area is to your class on each day. I skipped this step and found myself lugging a paint box all the way across campus more often than I want to recall. Don’t make the same mistake!

Leave Early

The first month of two of the school year is the most hectic. Every single student, especially freshmen, will be scrambling to be in class on time and make a good impression.  You’ll want to head out to find parking as early as you can! It tapers off sharply after the first month and, by the second month, you can leave ten minutes late and still find plenty of spaces.

Get Your Permit Early!

The University of Kentucky only makes the parking permits available for a short time each semester, and they only have a certain number of them. As someone who routinely forgot to buy a permit, I can safely say that you do NOT want to depend on meters! It adds up quicker than you think! The 2015 Hyundai Accent features great cash-saving perks in addition to its affordability so, if you do forget to buy that permit, at least you’ll have some extra change to spare!


I hope you enjoy this new phase in your educational journey!  Everyone at Glenn Hyundai of Nicholasville wants to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck! If you have a break in between classes, stop by to say see what new Hyundais they have in stock! You may find something you’d like to hint at for a graduation present!