Some Of The Best Sports Uniforms That Represent America – Nicholasville, KY

Sports are great. I love sports. You may not love sports, but you probably have a neighbor that is dying to know if DeAndre Jordan will sign with the Dallas Mavericks (like myself, because it would be great).

As we celebrate yet another Fourth of July holiday, we’re reminded of why America is great. One of those things, for me at least, is sports. I love sports and love writing about sports. I also like the idea of teams coming up with great ideas to show off their American pride, whether it be on their uniforms or honoring soldiers who attend baseball or basketball games.

Baseball is the big sport going on right now, as well as our United States women’s soccer team looking to win yet another World Cup in the next couple of weeks. Uniforms are very cool, and even cooler on holidays like Fourth of July or Christmas.

More than likely, if you’re taking in a baseball game with your dad or son this Fourth of July, you’re going to see different looking uniforms. There’s no way we could possibly rank these, so maybe showing you some of our favorites will suffice. And while you’re at it, when you’re on your way to that ballgame, head on over to your friendly Hyundai dealership in Nicholasville dealership and take part in the Fourth of July Hyundai specials in the Lexington area. Maybe you could drive off with a fully-loaded 2015 Hyundai Sonata while you’re there.

But for now, here are some of the best sports uniforms that represent America.

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