Stay Awake and Safe: 3 Ways to Avoid Drowsy Driving – Lexington, KY

There’s nothing worse than driving while tired.

When I was working for the school newspaper, there were times I wouldn’t leave the office until 3:30 A.M., sometimes later. It would be almost impossible to drive home and not feel tired, not having the urge to fall asleep at a red light. It was one of the worst feelings ever.

Over time, I had to start developing techniques to keep myself awake while driving and avoid any unfortunate situations. It’s a very tough spot to be in without consuming some Red Bull or a gallon of soda before heading home.

Especially if you’re driving in a new 2015 Hyundai Genesis in Lexington, you definitely don’t want to be caught sleepy behind the wheel of that brilliant vehicle. Your friendly Nicholasville area Hyundai dealership would most certainly not want you putting yourself in any bad situations to begin with, but that’s why we’re here to help if you’re ever been in a situation like me.

Here are some simple ways to avoid drowsy driving if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

Turn the AC on High

It’s not just a matter of having the air conditioning on, but you should have it on as cold as possible and at a reasonably high level. Think of the last time you’ve had to have the heater on during a trip: The heat tends to make you relaxed, whereas the cold will tighten the muscles and will keep your eyes cool and alert. That’s a good time to test out one of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis’ features, which is the dual-zone automatic temperature control.

Sing Along

You’ll need to keep yourself occupied and keep your brain working while driving. The best way to do that is to sing along to some of your favorite songs. This would be a good time to utilize one of those nifty 2015 Hyundai Genesis technology features that will always be enjoyed by all, SiriusXM Satellite Radio. There are so many channels to choose from, it’s next to impossible to not listen to good music to keep you awake.

Take a Nap Before Leaving

When in doubt, take a nap. Get that second wind before getting behind the wheel and make the effort to get home. If you complete your work and have a little more time to kill, feel free to rest and head home. Just make sure to set an alarm or you may risk sleeping in your workplace. Trust me, I would know.


Driving while drowsy is a dangerous tactic and should be avoided at all times. Not only are you taking the safety of yourself and others into consideration, but your car, as well. Be safe at all times when heading home, especially when you’re eager to get there to put your head to pillow and drift off to dreamland. And if dreams of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis safety perks have you smiling and alert the next morning, you’ll know you need to put a trip to your Lexington Hyundai dealership, Glenn Hyundai of Nicholasville, on your to-do list!