Let a 2015 Hyundai Elantra Relieve These 5 Worst Things About Commuting – Nicholasville, KY

I stopped by Hyundai of Nicholasville the other day just to check out the 2015 Hyundai Elantra SE.  I’ve had car issues lately, so I was hoping to find something that would make me love driving again.  When I saw the Elantra SE, I was immediately in love with the smooth lines and comfortable interior. When I saw that it averages 145 horsepower and 28/38 MPG city/highway, I was borderline obsessed. How could a car change my commute? Well, it has everything to do with loving the car you’re driving so the little things don’t bug you quite so much.  Just because I know you’ve been here too, I’m going to share the top five things I CAN’T STAND about my commute:

Changing Lanes Without Signaling

It’s morning, I’m already not at 100%, and someone decides it’s an awesome time to switch lanes. Without signaling.  Not only that, but they decided to change into your lane just so they could then apply their brakes and slow down.  Thanks.

When Someone Sits Through a Green Light

You know you’ve seen it.  Someone is so into their smartphone or a conversation that they decide to just sit through the entire green light. Then they look up and realize it’s yellow and zip through…so you get stuck at the red.

The Gas Gauge Goes to Empty

I admit it, I hate stopping to get gas, so I always wait too long.  It’s when I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that the little red gas indicator comes on and there’s no way I’m getting out in time.

When I Forget to Close My Trunk

Worse than inconsiderate drivers, are really helpful drivers.  At least for my pride.  This literally happened to me this morning.  I usually throw my laptop, books, notepads, etc. in my trunk before I leave and this morning I forgot to close it.  I was at a stoplight when the (very handsome) gentleman next to me rolled down his window to tell me my trunk was open.  Awwwwwkkkwwwaaard.  I can’t blame him for my embarrassment, but sometimes it’d be nice if my mistakes weren’t so obvious!

Drinking My Morning Coffee

No, coffee isn’t terrible. It’s a necessity.  But trying to drink it while I’m driving never ends well. Especially when someone makes that dreaded lane change in front of me with their signal. This is why I no longer wear white pants.

While the 2015 Hyundai Elantra SE won’t make all worst things about commuting go away, it will definitely make them more bearable. Besides the new-car smell, the Hyundai Elantra’s roomy, comfortable interior and premium sound system will make you less worried about your terrible commute, and more concerned about your awesome drive!